Marathi Shala

MSMI Marathi Shala Program (मराठी शाळा)

MSMI Marathi Shala is a project of Austin Marathi Mandal (AMM) initiated by Bruhan Maharashtra Mandal of North America (BMM).
  • BMM is working with Bharati Vidyapeeth for this program.
  • Bharati Vidyapeeth has done extensive research keeping in mind the needs of NRI children while setting up the syllabus.
  • Austin Marathi Shala has 8 levels of Marathi Study (Bal Mitra 1, Bal Mitra 2, Bal Mitra 3, Kishore Mitra 1, Kishore Mitra 2, Kishor Mitra 3 and Praveen Mitra 1 and Praveen Mitra 2).
  • Each student will go with his/her pace — there is no rush to achieve certain level in certain time frame .
  • Over all emphasis: 60% Oral communication & 40% Reading-Writing (each level has certain expectations)
  • Other things that will be covered are: shlok, kavita, drawing, craft work, etc.
  • Age: 5 and up (recommended)
  • Duration: One and half hours to 2 hours – once a week.

Note : BMM emphasizes more on ‘conversation’ than ‘on reading and writing (60:40), thus it is important that a student communicates well in Marathi. Only way for parents to achieve this goal is by communicating with your kids in Marathi and encourage him/her to communicate back in Marathi.

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